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Amy Valentine

Rainbow coloured hair, Amy Valentine, is a 20+ year old blogger and student at London College of Fashion, who is from Hampshire. Amy fell into fashion blogging back in 2011, where she discovered the community and instantly wanted to be a part of it. Amy has always been interested in developing her personal style and sharing fashion inspiration with others, so it seemed like it was meant to be! Amy describes herself as "not the average, super-polished, lipgloss princess kind of blogger; I like to be constantly changing my styles and experimenting with new trends, whilst always staying true to my personal style. As an avid music fan, I'm constantly listening to the newest releases and my favourite genres revolve around metal and post-hardcore; although I'm pretty sure my music taste will always revolve around my 14 year old self - forever a MCR fan. I'm also a seasoned festival-er so you'll catch me at quite a few gigs throughout the year, documenting and creating content for you guys" Amy has a real rock chick edge to her look, and loves brands like Wildfox, the Ragged Priest and UNIF.