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Junk Food

Twenty years ago, Junk Food Clothing was created, on the westside of Los Angeles. Inspired by their rich Southern California heritage, Junk Food designed a true standard of fit and fabric — the Original Tee. The rest is history... Today, their mission remains simple — to transform a premium quality t-shirt into a timeless work of art. Junk Food are passionate about making signature, vintage-inspired tees that tell a story so you can create your own. At Junk Food, they are proud to be your canvas of self-expression.

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Indulge in our guilty pleasure - Junk Food. With these unique designs, we can't resist expanding our collection in the stuffed t-shirt closet. Junk Food, a SoCal brand built on the west side of LA, creates premium tees that embody a laid-back, skater/surfer vibe. From construction to design, their attention to detail is unparalleled. With a perfect mix of simplicity and elegance, Junk Food Clothing is all about storytelling and celebrating art. These vintage-inspired pieces are the epitome of casual cool and a true reflection of the brand's love for self-expression and its roots.