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Girls Crew

Shop Girls Crew Jewellery Online right here in the UK! Girls Crew was created with a basic concept: to share their unique viewpoint on everyday things with the world. Girls Crew strive to find beauty in all aspects of life and this is reflected in their whimsical designs (Tone: Quirky, playful, and excited.)

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Girls Crew : Making Jewellery Fun since 2017

Meet Jina Chang, the founder of Girls Crew, a Los Angeles based company established in 2017. Jina's journey in fashion and design began as a youngster where she would creatively reconstruct chains from handbags, key chains, and old necklaces into one-of-a-kind accessories. With her background in fine arts, fashion industry experience, global market knowledge, and dedication to high-quality products, Girls Crew has evolved from a passion to a successful career.