Collection: Unique Vintage x Jaws

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Well, hello there, darling! Welcome to our new Unique Vintage collection, where we have just rolled out some hot new Jaws-themed apparel. Amity Island, N.Y., was never the same after that 25-foot, 3-ton man-eating shark emerged from the ocean’s depths. Your wardrobe will never be the same, either, after you add in Jaws shirts, Jaws swimwear and other shark clothing pieces. Shark Prints, Vintage Jaws T-Shirts and Exclusive Jaws Apparel

Crazy about sharks? Can’t get enough of that vintage 1970s-inspired clothing and shark-themed apparel with a bit of a bite? Darling, you’re in the right place! Shop this Unique Vintage Jaws clothing collection to discover that throwback vintage is what we do best. Take the plunge and check out all the items inspired by this iconic 1975 mega blockbuster movie.

Keep it simple with a T-shirt featuring the movie poster for this classic shark movie, or add some fandom flair with a stylized Don’t Go in the Water vintage Jaws T-shirt. Love tees with pockets? Sink your teeth into our unisex surf club T-shirt with a chest pocket that has a vibrant Jaws icon. We also have all-over print dresses with button-down shirts to match so you can coordinate shark outfits with anyone. For an extra ‘70s touch, pick out the colorful Feeding Time shark print on a dark shirt with a white center bow and a sweetheart neckline. Pair that with a shark skirt showing Jaws himself rising from watery depths, which also works well with these fandom tees. You can even add style to your ponytail with two options of bright or dark Jaws hair scarves! Shop the Unique Vintage collection of vintage Jaws T-shirts, cool retro-style Jaws dresses, shark-themed skirts and other clothes and accessories that are unique, fun and flirty.