Collection: SELKIE

Meet your new must have brand SELKIE, by former Wildfox Co-Founder, Kimberley Gordon. SELKIE is a dreamy, ready-to-wear luxe collection that offers a range of comfortable, whimsical clothing without compromising on quality or style. Selkie creates timeless pieces you will treasure forever.

The collection tells a story of nostalgia, romance, and female friendship while offering a diverse size range. Selkie Clothing believes that every brand should invest in an expansive size range, it's a given- women deserve to find unique, playful clothing in their size. 

I’ve always been so inspired by friendship, the magic of women coming together to support each other has always been a source of creativity. Dressing up together, borrowing clothes, cooking dinners, talking feminism, books, politics, lovers, adversity...our lives in each other’s arms...wonderful women of all shapes, ethnicities and backgrounds... is there anything more powerful?

-Kimberley Gordon

The myth behind Selkie "As a young girl growing up in the UK and then in Santa Barbara, I fell in love with folklore. My love of make believe has infiltrated my work and play for as long as I can remember and ultimately helped inspire my previous clothing line, WILDFOX."

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