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The Mayfair Group ... sending kindness one sweatshirt at a time. The Mayfair Group do not confine themselves to the standard in which society holds us to. They firmly believe that it’s important to express yourself in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin because authenticity is essential. Mayfair are here for the social disruptors, the misfits, the people who defy the norm and want to look good doing it. With an already cult status, with their famous Empathy sweatshirts which have been snapped up by everyone from J-LO to Millie Bobby Brown, the brand launched in 2017 with the Mayfair Group’s own brand serving two key purposes: the first, to offer a moment of positivity when people are scrolling on their phones; the second, to show clients the company’s ability to build and grow a community — something it turned out to be quite good at.