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HBO’s hit teen drama “Euphoria” has resonated with fans , for its trendy fashion forward & graphic beauty looks as much as its captivating storyline that follows a set of teenagers as they tackle issues like love, friendship and drug addiction.

While the show’s first season leveraged a more practical wardrobe, season two has leaned into fantastical fashion with costume designer Heidi Bivens looking to an array of high-end designers and coveted vintage pieces that the average teenager wouldn’t necessarily have access to.

“It’s all about having fun with it and not overthinking it and just having free reign of expression, more than the first season, which was still really establishing who these characters are,” said Bivens, a former WWD staffer, in a January interview. “The first season, it was my intention to keep it feeling grounded enough that it felt like these characters could really wear the clothes, whereas the second season verges more into fantasy. I wasn’t intent on keeping all of the brands cheap enough that all of these characters could afford them. I threw that out and just let myself have free reign for whatever and anything that we wanted to put on the screen.”