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Samii Ryan Little Miss Collaboration

Little Miss Shopaholic?

Fashion blogger Purple Sneakers, features our Little Miss x Samii Ryan collaboration in her latest fashion post. Samii Ryan has given you this super cute kawaii style womens clothing range in collab with the Mr Men & Little Miss. We love how Purple Sneakers have styled this collab up in her post. 

We have spoken with Samii Ryan about this exciting collab and heres what she has to say about it
"After months of plotting, creating, and joining forces... I am stoked to unveil the colossal announcement (and much-anticipated) partnership with Mr. Men Little Miss!

As a kid, I totally adored the simplicity, color, and personality of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. Seeing those bright and fun characters on the shelf at my local library was always a thrilling experience!

I recall flipping through those silly books, where each character had their own wacky emotions like 'Little Miss Sunshine' or 'Mr. Grumpy'. It was from these characters that I learned to unleash my own feelings!

The BSR x Mr. Men Little Miss collection features so many different fabrics, techniques, and details than we have ever worked with before! We wanted this collection to really be celebrated with very unique graphic placement, a curated selection of characters, positive words, and of course bright colors. Creating fun accessories to go along with these pieces was an absolute must!

Shop the collection here!
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