Chloe Sims Makeup Tutorial with Rude Cosmetics

Chloe Sims Makeup Tutorial with Rude Cosmetics

Chloe Sims Makeup Tutorial with our Rude Cosmetics 

Full glam makeup tutorial by Chloe Sims shows how to make hazel eyes POP with our exclusive Rude Cosmetics x Chupa Chups cosmetics. 

Embrace the colorful life with LA's trendiest and most inclusive makeup brand, RUDE Cosmetics! Paving the way for fierce makeup at affordable prices, RUDE offers a wide range of diverse products wrapped in delightfully quirky packaging, that will make you look fantastic both on and off.

RUDE cosmetics offers quality products at affordable prices along with a selection of vegan makeup. Known for their highly pigmented eyeshadows and themed makeup collections, RUDE brings attitude to your look while being environmentally friendly. Their vegan mascara, eye shadows, and lipstick are easy to apply and provide long-lasting results.

The RUDE muse is boisterous and confident, expressing themselves freely, and has a wild love for experimenting and embracing individuality. For a bold and vibrant burst of color, snag a RUDE palette or a luscious RUDE lipstick to add an adventurous pop of colour.

Check out this specially curated collection and let your creativity sparkle. Whatever style you're into - natural, timeless, vibrant and full of color, smoky eyes or shimmering shine - embrace it because you're rocking MAKEUP WITH AN ATTITUDE!

Chloes used the following in her tutorial 

Rude Cosmetics Chupa Chups Splash Lolli-Liner


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